Faema - legendary espresso machine makers

Faema produces some of the best espresso machines you can buy. Perhaps the most well known espresso machine by Faema is the E61. In the commercial espresso machine industry, the E61 is a real legend. Even today, there are many E61 commercial espresso machines from the 60s still in operation, and their owners are often fanatic about them.

What is so special about the E61?
The Faema Legend E61 is a beauty of a machine.

  • THE HEAT EXCHANGER: A separate boiler for espresso is located within the main boiler allowing the machine to operate at a higher boiler pressure while maintaining a lower water temperature for espresso. The result is a higher steam capacity and the optimum water temperature for a correct extraction. In addition, the heat exchanger circulates water through the groups, maintaining the essential brewing components at a constant temperature while the machine is not in use.
  • THE VOLUMETRIC PUMP AND BYPASS: The use of a volumetric water pump and a built-in bypass provide the espresso machine with the constant and ideal water pressure for a correct extraction.
  • THE PRE-INFUS10N CHAMBER: An empty chamber located within the group allows water vapor to pre-wet and pre-heat the delicate coffee grounds before receiving the full impact of the hot water under high pressure, thus reducing bitterness.
  • THE WATER SOFTENER: The use of a water-softening device reduces mineral buildup resulting in more consistent operation as well as extending the life of the machine.

In 2001, to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the original E61, FAEMA introduced the "E61 Legend" into its commercial espresso machine line. Although it is a reproduction of the beautiful stainless-steel design of the original E61 commercial espresso machine, but it also features several new innovations.

Faema has been producing espresso coffee machines with distinctive and classy designs and innovative technology since 1945. The passion for every detail is evident by the solid reliability of their products.

Faema is often perceived as the best of the best in terms of elegance and in-the-cup excellence. In many good coffee shops, you will often find a faithful barista who wouldn't give up his Faema for anything in the world.

Some of the other products created by Faema are:

  • traditional machines are used to prepare espresso coffee starting from ground roasted coffee beans.
  • Superautomatics are bean-to-cup machines, as they are able to prepare a cup of coffee by simply pushing a button.
  • Coffee grinder-dosers are used to grind coffee beans and to dose the resulting coffee grounds.
  • Accessories to be used in combination with coffee machines (traditional and superautomatics).

You can find out more about Faema at Faema.com