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Here are some coffee tips from our readers!

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Crazy Curtis' method

I use a bunn maker from wally world $100. Those $11 machines last about a month. I buy the on sale darkest coffee i can find. Now drinking yuban from menards $4.97 33oz can. Put 10 teaspoons heaping, 12 if you need more hair. Fill with tap water, have well, to 10 cup line. Great stuff.

2 Ways to make the best coffee, by Lynn

  1. Using little brown scooper from geavalia coffee,1level an 1/2 scoops of luzianne w/chickory coffee to 6 cup pot
  2. 1 heaping scoops of luzanne w/cky an 1 heap,n folgers 12 cup pot

Michael's Coffee

I grind my beans while my water is heating up;I use a good quality ceramic teapot with cold, clean water; Let water cool down after boiling; water that is too hot will separate the oils in the coffee; about 185 degrees is perfect; I use a Melitta with no. 6 filter, unbleached; fold filter over at seam edge, and wet it before pouring water over grounds; coffee will keep a couple of days; heat up in microwave next day, and it is still good.
By Michael

Here are the two essential things about a great cup of coffee

  1. Use enough coffee and choose a dark or French roast. If you use a standard coffee measure, use one HEAPING measure per cup of coffee.
  2. And here's the kicker . . . the coffee secret that nobody knows: Sprinkle enough salt on the top of the coffee grounds to just sparingly cover them.

I don't have an exact measure but for 4 cups of coffee, about 1/4 teaspoon will do (a pinch or two per cup).

The salt enriches and smooths the coffee flavor. Without it, most home-made and restaurant coffee tastes like dishwater . . . too weak and no salt. All of your other coffee instructions are fine.
By Doug from

The best coffee I've ever tasted

I have found a way to make the best coffee that I've ever tasted. It most closely resembles the coffee press. I use a small ceramic pitcher (creamer), the small melitta manual coffee maker (less than $5) and a coffee mug. I put three level tablespoons of a good, freshly ground coffee in the little pitcher with a tiny dash of salt (not necessary but it really seems to make a difference.

I pour boiling water into the pitcher (the ceramic pitcher absorbs some heat and leaves the water at a perfect temp). I stir once and let the coffee brew in the pitcher for exactly three minutes. I then pour it into the melitta filter on top of my coffee mug (9 oz. mug). It takes about another minute to completely filter through. The result is incredible coffee. It may be too much work for some people but it's no more trouble than a press and there are no grounds in the coffee.
By Jeff T.

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